Carlos Correa power rankings: Twins surging, Braves fading

Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins

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Free agent shortstop Carlos Correa is hot on the market, and he’s likely to receive several offers. The Minnesota Twins are reportedly after him again.

Carlos Correa just ended his 2022 season with the Minnesota Twins, and rumor has it that they want to keep him around a bit longer. According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, the Twins are “definitely motivated to keep Correa.”

As one of the best shortstops in the league, it’s obvious why Minnesota would want to keep him. The Twins, unfortunately, have a lot of development to focus on as they’ve missed the playoffs two seasons in a row and hardly ever make it far into the playoffs when they do happen to make it.

Minnesota has only made it to the Championship series once in the 2000s and hardly made it to the playoffs at all in the 2010s. They haven’t been to the World Series since 1991, yet they aren’t necessarily in a competitive division.

It’s clear their team needs a bit of work, and Correa would certainly keep things moving in the right direction.

It does, however, seem like it’ll be a challenging signing considering Correa opted out of his contract.

Twins likely won’t have an easy path to keeping Carlos Correa around

Correa is going to be worth a lot on the market, and several teams are after him. As a veteran player with a lot of talent, he probably wants to maximize his chances of winning a championship while making a lot of money.

This free agency allows him to receive offers to potentially make more than the Twins were paying him, which was already a massive amount, roughly $35.1 million a season for three seasons. There’s a possibility of him coming back to Minnesota for the right amount, but his asking price is going to be through the roof.

However, the Twins are reportedly ready to make such an offer. Darren Wolfson of SkorNorth stated on the Mackey & Judd podcast, “They are going to make him a very nice offer. In fact, I was told this week that they are pushing for closure sooner rather than later. They are going to make the richest offer in team history.”

They’re also reportedly after Xander Bogaerts and Dansby Swanson, so they’re aiming to sign a Correa-caliber shortstop no matter what. However, Correa proved to work well in Minnesota over the 2022 season, so it seems as though they’re most interested in keeping him around.

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