3 Red Sox blunders vs. Yankees that encapsulate disastrous season

Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees

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The Boston Red Sox have been having far from a favorable season, and their recent series against the New York Yankees highlighted some of their weaknesses.

The Boston Red Sox had a chance to show some progress against the Yankees at home this week. Instead, their two-game series just showcased all the things that have made this season such a frustration.

With losses of 7-6 and 5-3, Boston couldn’t get an edge and dropped to 2-6 in their last eight games.

There’s now no surprise that the team, who is occasionally the best in the AL East division, depending on the season, needs work.

3 Red Sox blunders vs. Yankees that encapsulate disastrous season

One of the biggest disappointments was a small grounder hit by J.D. Martinez. Martinez hit the grounder to shortstop. The Yankees shortstop fielded it with ease and threw it to second, resulting in an out. The second baseman then threw it without hesitation to first, getting Martinez out and completing a double play.

Boston infielder Rafael Devers also unfortunately got a strikeout, barely swinging at a questionable pitch with a complete lack of confidence.

In the worst play of all, the Red Sox missed the ball several times within 60 seconds. Infielder Gleyber Torres of the Yankees hit a solid line drive into right field. The Red Sox right fielder went to throw it into first, the second baseman went to cover and completely missed.

The catcher backed up and threw to first for the out, and the first baseman completely missed. The Red Sox gave up a run through the entire debacle.

Boston is certainly looking less and less likely to make the playoffs, while the Yankees are starting to look slightly better than last month. The Red Sox likely won’t make it up from the bottom of the NL East standings this season.

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