Watch Rockies catcher get revenge on umpires everywhere with mask throw

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While trying to locate a high-flying foul ball, Rockies catcher Brian Serven tore off his mask and threw it at the nearest umpire.

There are a lot of MLB players out there who wish they could throw something at an umpire.

From bad calls at the plate to overly-sensitive ejections, the urge must come up pretty often.

Colorado Rockies catcher Brian Serven just played out that fantasy and lived to tell.

Watch Rockies catcher get revenge on umpires everywhere with mask throw

In the ninth inning against the Dodgers on Sunday, Serven went to track down Trea Turner’s pop-up foul. He ripped off his mask as catchers usually do in such a situation.

However, he didn’t let it drop to the ground straight away. Instead, he flinged the mask right into the path of home plate umpire Chris Segal’s head. Segal had to use some quick reflexes to avoid the flying piece of protective gear.

Serven made the out and Segal got away just fine. The catcher could certainly claim he didn’t mean to direct the mask towards the ump. It would be just as believable if he did it on purpose. And not many players would blame him, that’s for sure.

In the end, it was just a funny moment from the game. It was certainly one worth putting into GIF form.

Serven hit a 450-foot home run in the third inning, starting a run that put the Rockies ahead 3-2. However, Los Angeles regained the lead in the fourth inning and never looked back.

Colorado lost the series to the Dodgers 1-3 and sits in fourth in the NL West. They’re heading on the road to face the Padres next.

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