Yankees fans convinced umpires stole Sunday’s game against Cardinals

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The New York Yankees took a tough loss against the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday, and fans are convinced the umpires are to blame.

The New York Yankees lost 12-9 against the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday. Fans are convinced the umpires are to blame for the downfall.

Ed Hickox was the umpire for the game, and according to Ump Scorecards, he called 92 percent accuracy and 91 percent overall consistency, both slightly below average. The scorecard clearly favors St. Louis, and suggests a differential of +3.01 runs in a game that was decided by…three runs.

Fans believe the calling in the Yankees vs. Cardinals game was unfair

Several fans are taking their thoughts to Twitter.

One fan called the Cardinals win “fraudulent.”

Another fan, who doesn’t seem to blame umpires for the outcome of games often, agrees that Hickox cost the Yankees a win.

Even the commentators questioned some of the calls made.

In a game clip, the commentators stated, “even [Aaron] Judge is confused on this one.”

The inaccurate calls were certainly frustrating for Yankees fans, and it’s a loss that potentially could’ve been avoided.

New York is first in the competitive AL East standings and are well above .500. According to FanGraphs, they have a 100 percent chance of making the playoffs. Inaccurate calls and unnecessary losses could hurt their success this season and potentially playoff seeding.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Hickox has made inaccurate calls.

The Big Lead ranked Hickox the ninth-worst umpire in MLB. He’s in the 20th percentile for expected accuracy and 18th percentile for consistency. This won’t be the last time he angers baseball fans.

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