MLB rumors: Freddie Freeman was duped by agent to leave Braves

Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers

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After his emotional return to Atlanta, there are plenty of interesting rumors surrounding Freddie Freeman and his former agent.

Freddie Freeman looked almost tortured in Atlanta during the Los Angeles Dodgers series against the Braves, and it wasn’t because he played poorly. No, it seemed like Freeman missed the Braves, which raised questions about the free-agent deal he signed in the offseason.

The internet investigators continue to dive into this issue, and according to some of these rumors, Freeman’s agent did some shady stuff and duped him to leaving Atlanta in favor of the Dodgers.

Now, these sources aren’t the most reliable and read between the lines until either party makes a comment confirming these speculations, but the writing is there.

According to Fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb, Freeman’s agent Casey Close didn’t tell him the final offer.

MLB rumors: Was Freddie Freeman duped by agent to leave Braves?

Why wouldn’t Close tell Freeman the final offer? Was it because of the percentage he would get with the deal from the Dodgers or another reason?

Regardless, this situation is suspicious because if —‚and that’s a big if — Freeman truly was unhappy with Atlanta, he wouldn’t have looked that miserable during his return.

Gottlieb suggested that Freeman would have taken what Atlanta offered him, so it raises suspicion about how things got handled.

If money was the motive for Close, then he looks silly now that he doesn’t have Freeman as a client or if Close already got his deal cut, does he look like a genius?

Now that Freeman has fired Close as his agent, the speculation continues to grow. There will be plenty of rumors, so it’s important to follow the right sources in this situation.

However, we will likely never know what truly happened because things like this don’t usually make it into the public. The timeline seems to follow this narrative that Close didn’t let Freeman know the final offer, which would warrant him getting fired.

This situation is fishy at best and could possibly change how players make deals with their agents.

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