Red Sox: Rafael Devers gets front-row seat to watch Chris Sale

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Rafael Devers refused to miss seeing Chris Sale pitch and see if the pitcher is ready to play again.

On Thursday, Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale threw 32 times in a simulated game at Fenway Park as he looks to make a return to the pitching rotation.

Rafael Devers was one of his teammates that watched him pitch on Thursday, and while some did that in the dugout, he sat in the stands. He had a great seat to watch the show, and while the dugout is a good view too, Devers made the better choice.

It’s too hot all over the United States to sit in the stuffy dugout. At least in the stands, there had to be some kind of breeze, right?

Plus, taking a second to enjoy Fenway Park from a fan’s point of view has to be fun for the players. They are on the field, so to take in pitching from a different angle had to be a unique experience.

Rafael Devers looks as ready as anyone for Chris Sale to rejoin Red Sox

The whole team seemed excited about Sale’s return to see what his pitching looked like after such a long break. However, Devers and the rest of Sale’s teammates seemed excited about the thought of him coming back into the pitching lineup.

Devers is the future of this franchise, and he could eventually be one of the team’s captains. Showing this initiative shows how serious he is about that. Sitting and watching a teammate throw 32 pitches shows how much Sale means to the Red Sox.

There is some speculation on whether Sale would be a starter or reliever when he is fully back in the rotation, but regardless, it’s pretty evident the support is there for him.

Devers is someone that genuinely cares about his teammates and the success of the Red Sox. If Sale can come back, it gives Boston a better chance at success. Sale is a stud when he is healthy, so hopefully, the franchise taking their time to get him 100% will pay off down the next stretch of the season.

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