Mets add to Angels woes: 3 things you missed from Sunday Night Baseball

Los Angeles Angels, New York Mets

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The New York Mets defeated the Los Angeles Angels on Sunday Night Baseball in a tale of two teams traveling in opposite directions.

With the win, the Mets became the second team to 40 wins on the season, joining the crosstown rival Yankees. It’s been one heck of a season so far for the Mets, who despite being in the same division as teams with an 11-game (Braves) and nine-game (Phillies, RIP) win streaks, have maintained a slight advantage.

New York leads the NL East by 5.5 games. That gap is narrowing slightly, as the Braves specifically haven’t lost in two weeks. The Mets are just 5-5 in their last 10 games, which means they’re susceptible to such things.

For those who watched Sunday Night Baseball in its entirety — I’m proud of you. But some of us did not, and that’s the sole purpose of this article. Here’s everything you might have missed.

Angels: Mike Trout talks about his insane fantasy football league

Mike Trout nearly took a shot at ESPN Fantasy Football leagues as a whole, but held his tongue at the right moment.

This is the same league which made Tommy Pham lose his mind and Will Smith slap Joc Pederson before a Giants-Reds game. That slap came after Pham took offense to a gif. This is the year 2022.

Trout is OUT as fantasy football commissioner, and it’s tough to blame him after Pham called him out during his dispute with Pederson.

For the sake of Mike Trout’s mental health, please find another commish.

Joe Maddon got a mohawk and was promptly fired by Angels

Sorry to make this all Angels-related, but these two stories are completely insane. Maddon was fired last Tuesday during the Angels losing streak in hopes of waking up the clubhouse.

Yet, Maddon had his own approach to try and rally the team. Unfortunately, the front office didn’t seem to care.

That is a savage move by LAA, and one Maddon will have to live with until his hair grows back.

Mets celebrate win in best way possible

What’s the best and perhaps most polarizing way to celebrate a victory out West? Fast food.

The Mets won on Sunday night, 4-1. In doing so, they took the series as well. Buck Showalter and his team celebrated by getting In-N-Out.

If you’ve had In-N-Out, you’ll know that while solid fast food, it’s a little overrated given…well, it’s just fast food. No need to overhype it.

Nonetheless, it’s a team bonding exercise we ought to remember if this Mets team makes a run in October. It’s always the little things.

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