White Sox fans chant ‘Fire Tony’ after another disastrous loss

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White Sox fans have had enough of manager Tony La Russa at this point and, during a loss to the Rangers on Saturday, they let their voices be heard.

At this point, you’d have an easier time finding someone who believes the Loch Ness Monster, sasquatch and still-alive Elvis are involved in a super-secret love triangle than finding a Chicago White Sox fan who is behind manager Tony La Russa.

There have long been skeptics of La Russa on the southside, but we’re reaching a breaking point now that seems like there’s no coming back from.

Just days after La Russa elected to intentionally walk Trea Turner on a 1-2 count which subsequently led to a 3-run Max Muncy home run, the White Sox were mismanaged into blowing a lead against the Texas Rangers on Saturday and eventually giving up four runs in the top of the 10th inning and losing.

With the team on the verge of dropping to a dismal 27-30 on the season, fans left no gray area regarding their thoughts on La Russa:

White Sox fans chant ‘Fire Tony’ during loss to Rangers

And really, you have to start to wonder when the front office in Chicago is going to acquiesce to this request.

The White Sox captured the AL Central last season with relative ease but were disappointingly uncompetitive in the postseason. Optimists, however, would’ve said that it was a year to build on and that they could be in store for big things for the 2022 season. Under La Russa’s watch, though, they’ve been anything but that.

After Saturday’s loss, the club sits 6.0 games behind the Twins in the division and is actually in third behind the Guardians as well. Sure, injuries have played a part in that, but the exploits of their manager haven’t done them any favors to overcome that either.

All of this is to say, it shouldn’t be long before fans get their wish if things continue on this course.

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