Chris Woodward seething somewhere after another Gleyber Torres short porch bomb

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Somewhere, Chris Woodward is upset about Gleyber Torres’ latest home run, which found the short porch yet again for the New York Yankees.

In the Yankees weekend series with the Rangers, Woodward expressed his disappointment with Torres’ game-winning home run, stating it helped that the game was played in a little league park. That, of course, was a reference to the short porch in right field, which greatly benefits the home team (and the team they’re playing against, for what it’s worth).

Torres has learned to hit the ball the opposite way quite well in recent weeks, and with a flick of the wrist turned what looked to be a sacrifice fly into a three-run homer.

Even Michael Kay was surprised on the call for YES.

However, upon further look, the Torres home run would’ve been a home run in six of the 30 MLB ballparks.

Is that the vast majority? No, far from it in fact. But it’s more than the one (1) ballpark this writer assumed, so Torres will take it.

Yankees use short porch to their advantage

The Yankees have every right to use the short porch to their advantage. Such a metric was approved by MLB before the stadium was created to replace the house that Ruth built. Woodward is one of many to make an issue of the short porch in recent seasons. His comments ring hollow considering his team lost the series, though.

Aaron Boone went full math nerd on Woodward when approached by the media about it.

“His math is wrong, 99% is impossible. There’s only 30 parks,” Boone said.

Drop the mic, Aaron. Sheesh.

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