Reds rotation is on historically terrible pace during horrendous start

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There are horrendous starting rotations and there is whatever the Cincinnati Reds are doing.

On pace to win very little this season, the three-win Cincinnati Reds have been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster right out of the gate, due in large part to their utterly abysmal starting rotation.

Not sure if there are odds out there, but the Cincinnati Bengals, Luke Fickell’s Cincinnati Bearcats and FC Cincinnati will combine to win more games than the 2022 Reds. By putting out a product that deserves to be hidden behind a paywall to protect the young, The Castellinis have assembled together a starting rotation worse than Jeremy Bonderman or Mike Maroth had ever headlined.

Bad 2003 Detroit Tigers jokes aside, here are some facts over how bad this Reds rotation really is.

The 2022 Cincinnati Reds have the Hue Jackson equivalent of starting rotations

As Joel Sherman of the New York Post put it, the Reds starters could throw 35 straight scoreless innings and it still would be the worst ERA ever put together by one rotation. Keep in mind this is in a season where many people are arguing that the baseballs are in fact dead. Great American Ball Park is a bit of a launching pad, but didn’t The Castellinis say they will win with pitching?

At this point, the Reds are better served seeing if Joe Burrow wants to be a two-sport star in Cincinnati. He may have been more of a quasi-hooper in high school, but the Reds have nothing to lose by seeing The Geauxt attempt to channel his inner Deion Sanders. This is a great way to keep the fans engaged so The Castellinis will not try to relocate this sad baseball franchise to Austin.

If Burrow cannot toe the rubber every fifth day, see if Fickell can spot start. The former Ohio State nose guard may try to machismo high heat past big leaguers to no avail, but if he can lead the Bearcats to the College Football Playoff, he can do anything. Besides hyper-tanking for the No. 1 pick in the next MLB Amateur Draft, the Reds can look forward to many position players pitching.

Not sure if the message has been sent inside of the Toyota Tundra truck bed, but this team stinks.

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