These Mariners fans just showed their dedication in the most epic way (Video)

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One group of Seattle Mariners fans found a way to show up and recognize both a currently exciting team and one that was great from over two decades ago.

Because they are often pretty bad, the Seattle Mariners must have some incredibly dedicated and loyal fans. It’s easy to fall in love with a team that wins a lot and regularly competes for championships.

Loving a team that stinks? Well, that’s a true measure of being a fan.

Of course, the Mariners haven’t always been bad. They’ve fielded some pretty exciting and special teams. Like the 1995 Mariners. That group was one Seattle loved to watch. And now, the 1995 Mariners are showing up to watch more games.

Sort of.

It wasn’t exactly a reunion for that team, but the 1995 Mariners showed up to a Mariners game by way of a loyal group of fans. These folks dressed up as that 1995 team and supported their current team while celebrating a bright spot in their favorite franchise’s history.

This is some incredible stuff.

Seattle Mariners fans show up to game dressed as 1995 Mariners team

That 1995 season was pretty special for the Mariners.

Historically a team that is often pretty forgettable, the Mariners just generally don’t have a ton to celebrate throughout much of the franchise’s past. This is a team that has made the postseason a grand total of four times and hasn’t had any sort of playoff appearance over the past two decades.

However, that 1995 team is a group that Seattle fans will always look at and revere. During the 1995 season, the Mariners went 79-66 and managed to win the AL West for the first time ever. Seattle then managed to beat the New York Yankees in a five-game series to advance on to the ALCS where they ultimately fell short and lost in six games.

But, despite that ALCS series loss, that 1995 team was something special for Seattle. It was the first time the franchise had been able to get to the postseason and it was the first time Mariners fans were given some playoff fun to celebrate.

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