Yankees sign-stealing letter: Best memes and tweets from Red Sox, Astros fans

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The New York Yankees infamous sign-stealing letter has been revealed and it’s proven to be a whole lot of nothing. 

All the excitement surrounding the New York Yankees and their sign-stealing letter from a few years back has been revealed. Well, let us be there first to tell you it has fallen way short of expectations, as all it has really done here is confirmed the Yankees used their replay room to decode signs and relay them to runners.

This was something done across the league, yet the team worked overtime to try and get the letter written by Rob Manfred to Brian Cashman kept away from the public’s eye. Now that the letter has been released, MLB fans, especially in Houston and Boston, are letting the team have it.

Yankees are getting blasted on Twitter after the sign-stealing letter was released

New York fans are rushing to defend their beloved squad from the Bronx, while people in Houston and Boston are yelling on Twitter that the Yanks have now been confirmed as cheaters. Either way you slice it, there’s plenty of takes out there and this isn’t going to be stopping in the near future.

The Yankees were fined $100,000 for their behavior, which confirms they were in the wrong. However, people thought that details from this letter would make matters even worse for New York. MLB fans thought it would result in their cheating being similar to what Houston was found guilty of.

On top of that, people assumed it could be enough for Cashman to be fired as soon as possible. Neither of that has happened, leaving people up in arms. It’s been a day to celebrate for Yankees fans, but not for their haters.

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