Lucius Fox throws up his Saturday night during Sunday day game

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Washington Nationals infielder Lucius Fox throws up all over the place in Sunday’s matinee.

After moonlighting at Wayne Enterprises, Washington Nationals infielder Lucius Fox loses his Saturday night all over the baseball diamond on Sunday afternoon.

While everybody knows that the Bruce Wayne knows how to get after it, they aren’t as privy to certain classified information as is Fantastic Mr. Fox. Only he and Alfred Pennyworth know of Mr. Wayne’s true identity. Then again, only Wayne and Pennyworth know what Fox imbibed last night. You can blame it on the South Beach flu all you want, but this game was in the nation’s capital!

If you have a weak stomach, I will be the hero Gotham deserves and will tell you to look away now.

Lucius Fox loses his Saturday night all over the Washington Nationals diamond

Let’s be real. The Nationals could have used a better at-bat or two, man. The visiting San Francisco Giants were the bane of their existence, clobbering them 12-3 in their bat cave. No amount of Michael Keatons, Christian Bales, George Clooneys, Val Kilmers, Robert Pattinsons or even Adam Wests could have saved the Nationals from themselves. Fox and the boys, they were out to lunch.

So as your Sunday Funday rolls along into the setting sun of splendid late April evening, just remember nobody had more fun on Saturday night did Mr. Fox. I mean, who are we kidding? You got to have a couple of pops after test driving the prototype of the next Batmobile in some undisclosed hangar most carefully submerged along the banks of the Potomac River. I get it, man.

Let’s just wait until tomorrow evening before we shine a signal in the sky to call on this bat man.

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