Joey Votto has hilarious tweet after staring down Tyler Anderson

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Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto got into a staring contest with Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Tyler Anderson, and not the fun kind.

Votto took a pitch in the head from the lefty reliever Anderson, and predictably was not happy about it. After the fact, Votto slowly walked to first base, staring down Anderson the entire way.

Votto’s social media influence, which has risen a lot lately, made his response all the more funny. Via Twitter, he addressed the incident postgame with a short joke:

“He was like, what’s your name? And I was like, what? He was like, WHAT IS YOUR NAME? I was like, Tony. So I says, WHAT’S YOUR NAME? He goes, Ezekiel. Then something about a fire. I don’t remember—I got hit in the head.”

Joey Votto’s Twitter game is perfect in every way

Anderson didn’t understand the vitriol thrown his way by Votto during the game, but surely all is well at this point.

“Honestly, it was really hard to tell,” Anderson said. “It was kind of loud. I threw a changeup that kind of slipped out and I just asked him if he was OK. I really couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I think he was upset.”

It’s understandable why Votto would be upset in the moment. An at-bat was taken away from him, and he just saw his life flash before his eyes.

“I understand it. If I was hitting and I got hit in the helmet, I would be upset too. I just tried telling him, ‘Hey, I’m sorry. It was a changeup. My bad.’ I just wanted to make sure he was OK, and I think probably in the heat of the moment he responded with whatever he responded with,” Anderson continued.

In the heat of the moment, Votto might’ve let his temper get the best of him. With some time to reflect, clearly Anderson meant nothing by the pitch.

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