The worst Clayton Kershaw take does exist, and it’s spectacular

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There were a lot of takes about Clayton Kershaw’s near-perfect game but the worst of them all brought Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax into it.

If you follow baseball and watched or heard about Dodgers manager Dave Roberts taking out Clayton Kershaw after seven perfect innings, you undoubtedly have an opinion on it.

Roberts has pulled a pitcher in the middle of a perfect game before, so this isn’t anything that hasn’t already been debated. Still, takes on this particular situation dominated Twitter, from social media outrage to Kershaw’s own reaction.

One take stood out among the rest because of just how bad it was.

The worst Clayton Kershaw take does exist, and it’s spectacular

Chris Torello of Bay News 9 set a new standard for questionable Twitter takes when he tweeted this:

“SANDY KOUFAX IS POPPING CHAMPAGNE. Dave Roberts denies Clayton Kershaw from becoming the second Dodger EVER from a perfect game. WOW.”

Immediately people called him out for it, though the original tweet is still up.

There are a couple of ways to rip this take to shreds.

No. 1: Koufax is alive. There’s no need to put the 86-year-old in the grave prematurely. He’s still kicking.

Honest mistakes happen in the moment, but maybe it would be a good idea to double-check before talking about someone doing anything in heaven.

No. 2: Does he have a reason to pop champagne over Kershaw whether in this life or the next?

Kershaw joining his elite company for throwing a perfect game is hardly something he’d mourn. This isn’t like the ’72 Dolphins celebrating being the only ones to ever go undefeated. Koufax doesn’t get some sort of status so long as he stays on his own.

Everyone in and affiliated with the Dodgers organization would have celebrated Kershaw’s achievement wholeheartedly. After all, only five teams can claim more than one perfect game pitcher in their history. it would put Los Angeles one step closer to the Yankees and White Sox, who have three apiece.

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