MLB fans loved Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hitting a 1/4 mile worth of homers vs. Yankees

New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays

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The New York Yankees didn’t really stand a chance against Toronto Blue Jays’ slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Wednesday evening.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is really, really good at hitting home runs, for those that weren’t aware. Following the Toronto Blue Jays‘ recent game against the New York Yankees, just about every Yankees fan is more than aware of how absurdly good of a slugger Guerrero happens to be.

In total, Guerrero hammered the crap out of three balls resulting in three incredibly impressive home runs against the Yankees Wednesday evening.

What’s truly impressive about the feat is that Guerrero was injured for the latter two home runs he ended up hitting against New York. Despite a bloody finger injury, Guerrero would not be stopped.

Guerrero ended up hitting nearly a quarter-mile’s worth of home runs Wednesday. That’s just absurd and impressive and he did a rather significant portion of that with a really rough hand injury.

And fans are loving Guerrero’s accomplishment.

MLB fans take to Twitter to celebrate Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and his three home runs against the New York Yankees

Part of this is the way Guerrero performed against the team he thrived against. People generally enjoy rooting against the Yankees. It’s something that often unites MLB fans pretty much across the board. Seeing the Yankees struggle is just something many folks tend to enjoy.

Part of this is just how impressive Guerrero was Wednesday evening. Three home runs in a single game is impressive on that fact alone. Hitting three home runs against the Yankees with two of those home runs coming after your hand was hurt? That’s just flat out incredible.

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