Giancarlo Stanton’s unicorn home run comes back to haunt Red Sox

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New York Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton hit the most Yankee Stadium home run of all-time, literally. It came back to haunt the Red Sox.

When you lose by a run, especially after relinquishing a lead, there’s plenty of blame to go around. The Red Sox failed to put themselves in a position to win, it’s that simple. By no means can one moment be blamed for such a defeat, even in this case.

Yet, it’s tough for fans not to play the blame game, especially when it’s Boston-New York.

Stanton hit a solo home run in the fourth inning to tie the game. Yes, that left a lot of game on the board — plenty of time for Boston to make a run of their own — but it sure didn’t help matters. This is especially true given the ‘bomb’ was considered a ‘unicorn’ home run.

As the tweet states, that blast was a home run in just on MLB stadium. It just so happened to be where the Red Sox were playing.

Red Sox: Giancarlo Stanton home run is a joke, but part of the game

It’s one game, and while it’s in Boston’s nature, it’s best not to overreact to one defeat. Alex Cora and Co. will be fine, and they’re among the favorites to make the postseason for a reason.

However, considering the two teams playing, rational behavior cannot be expected. Stanton hit a home run that — at Fenway Park for example — would’ve been a double at best.

Every ballpark has its quirks. The Green Monster comes to mind, of course. But for now, Boston has a gripe.

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