Nick Castellanos meme: Phillies star remains undefeated at ruining on-air apologies

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Nick Castellanos is famous not just for his on-field power, but his supernatural ability to ruin any on-air apology. His is a Twitter joke turned into reality.

Castellanos, of course, hilariously ruined Thom Brennaman’s on-air apology for using a homophobic slur in 2020. Brennaman was in the middle of apologizing for comments he believed were in private during a commercial break, but had actually been aired on live television.

Regardless, there was no excuse for his commentary, and Brennaman was justifiably fired shortly thereafter.

“As there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos…” and the rest is history.

Just last season, Castellanos hit a home run during an on-air eulogy of a 96-year-old veteran who had passed away — the father of a Royals employee, nonetheless.

Nick Castellanos meme: Phillies star ruined another on-air apology

Technically, this wasn’t an on-air apology — it was merely the Blue Jays broadcast discussing an apology from current pitching coach Pete Walker, who was arrested for DUI.

At this point, you would expect producers to avoid such moments with Castellanos coming up to bat. Instead, they continue to test the baseball gods, and Castellanos keeps delivering.

What makes matters even funnier is that this was Castellanos’ first hit as a member on the Phillies. It was his spring training debut.

Castellanos cannot be stopped.

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