Former Cardinals OF signs with division rival despite fan drama

Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals

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Former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Tommy Pham will sign with the Cincinnati Reds, despite some past drama with their fanbase.

Time heals all wounds, I suppose.

Tommy Pham has signed with the Cincinnati Reds, a fact which wouldn’t be reported much nationally if — and this is the crux of the story — Pham hadn’t had a previous issue with Reds fans as recently as 2021.

Now, by no means does this issue indict the entire fanbase or mean Pham isn’t excited to get a new start in the NL Central, a division he’s quite familiar with given his time in St. Louis. However, of all locations, the irony here is…something.

Tommy Pham had Reds fans ejected for cursing in 2021

In a June 30 game against the Reds, then-Padres outfielder Pham had a couple of fans ejected for cursing at him, and then explained his decision-making after the game. It wasn’t the first time Pham had an issue with fans on the road.

“Just some fans crossing the line,” Pham said, via The Cincinnati Enquirer. “I guess a little liquid courage, man. I had some fans yelling at me, ‘F you, Pham! F you, Pham!’ That’s my issue that I have. I don’t believe that should be tolerated in a baseball stadium.”

Pham went on to say that if those same fans had approached him in the street, they might not have been as lucky as to get a mere talking to.

“When you start cursing at me, it’s one thing. It’s different from ‘Pham sucks.’ That’s perfectly acceptable. The curse words, I have a problem with because that’s not something you would say to me face to face. Where I’m from, in the state of Nevada, it’s labeled as assault. Someone comes up to me, cursing at me like that, I could defend myself. I’m a very good fighter. I don’t do Muay Thai, Kung Fu and box for no reason,” Pham said.

Yikes! Yet, less than year later and Pham decided to sign with the Reds on a one-year deal. Who would’ve thought?

Odds are those same fans will be cheering him when Pham makes his debut at Great American Ballpark.

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