Nick Castellanos makes Will Smith, Chris Rock Oscars apology official

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Now that Nick Castellanos has homered, the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars takes can end. The apology tour is complete.

Thank goodness. I’m not sure how much more of that could take without combusting on its own complete and utter chaos.

What Castellanos does is incredibly valuable. It is an art form and ought to be respected as such. Each and every apology — normally dry statements composed of the same cliches over and over again — he ends with an exclamation point. No, it’s better than an exclamation points, because it’s baseball.

In the coming days, Smith and Rock will surely apologize, either officially or through representatives, for their actions during the Oscars. Recapping what occurred on Sunday night is dry and lazy, so here’s a direct link, if you’d like to watch it over and over again as I did on Monday morning.

Nick Castellanos completes Will Smith, Chris Rock Oscars apology tour

Castellanos has a habit of hitting home runs in what some would consider poorly-timed moments, but others (such as myself) believe it to be an act of God itself. I am not a religious man, until Nick Castellanos comes up to bat in the middle of controversy.

And there is a deep fly ball by Castellanos, and the rest is history.

I do not need to repeat the joke, nor the meme. If you’d like a complete timeline of Castellanos’ absurd habit, I wrote about it LITERALLY YESTERDAY.

The man knows no bounds. He has no limitations. He is…simply incredible.

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