Nats top prospect suffered a major injury out of nowhere

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One of the best players in the Washington Nationals organization is dealing with a devastating injury that seemingly came “out of nowhere.”

Injuries are awful things and unfortunately they can happen at incredibly bizarre and awful times. The Washington Nationals are finding this out the hard way as their top prospect is having to recover from an unexpected injury.

According to a tweet from Mark Zuckerman, Carter Kieboom will be missing some time due to a “flexor mass strain.” Zuckerman notes that this could take anywhere from four to six weeks to heal, but that’s a best case scenario.

If this injury seems to be surprising to you, that’s because it was absolutely unexpected and there was no real previous indication that it might happen. As Jessica Camerato shares on Twitter, Kieboom himself was “shocked” because the injury “came up on [him] out of nowhere” as he was throwing a ball around “during pregame fielding drills.”

Washington Nationals prospect Carter Kieboom suffers injury

Camerato also noted that Kieboom doesn’t have a history of elbow injury issues. And again, the best case scenario? At least a month, if not more. It all probably depends on how much he’s able to rest and how his body responds to resting.

Again, injuries are awful. They’re one of the worst things about sports. It’s unfortunate to see players hurt and have to sit on the sideline while they try to recover and rest. There’s no way that is ever easy for an injured athlete and it’s got to be frustrating. That has to be especially true for a young player who is trying to prove himself and make it on a MLB roster.

Kieboom seems like a possible fit for the Nationals at third base, but he’ll obviously need to be healthy to play there. The 24-year-old has played in 106 games for the Nationals over the past three seasons.

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