AL Central Power Rankings after Carlos Correa signs with the Twins

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The AL Central Power Rankings have suddenly changed with the Minnesota Twins signing Carlos Correa.

We knew the Minnesota Twins were ‘going for it’ but did we really know they were going this hard? From out of nowhere, they swooped in and signed Carlos Correa, arguably the best free agent available this offseason. The AL Central Power Rankings are all of a sudden looking a lot different.

Could this one signing completely and utterly shift the power in the division?

1) AL Central Power Rankings: Chicago White Sox

The defending American League Central Champion Chicago White Sox are still the team to beat. They didn’t have to make the same types of moves the Twins did this offseason. Their lineup, one with a nice mix of veterans and young players, remains a threat to capture the division yet again. The same is true of their rotation—one of the best in baseball.

The White Sox were able to, instead, focus on building a super bullpen. With possible another trick up their sleeves before Opening Day, look for them to try to push themselves a little further ahead.

2) AL Central Power Rankings: Minnesota Twins

The odds may say otherwise, but I believe the Twins are now the second-best team in the division. They jumped up a lot since the Correa signing which could very well mean another notable move pushes them further up the charts.

Some holes still present on the roster, imagine how good they can be if some of those “ifs” pan out. What if Gary Sanchez returns to his old ways and becomes an absolute threat at the plate? What if Sonny Gray becomes the ace he was in the past? Do not underestimate the Twins. We already did in free agency with Correa.

3) AL Central Power Rankings: Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers did a lot this offseason. Much of it flew under the radar. The rotation looks a lot different with Eduardo Rodriguez and Michael Pineda added to the mix. If some of their youngsters, Casey Mize being the most notable, end up meeting their expectations this season, there’s no telling how much damage they can do.

I would question their lineup, still, with only Javier Baez added as a notable starter this offseason. The team will look to build on their success from last year and hope they did enough to climb the AL Central Power Rankings before the year is through.

4) AL Central Power Rankings: Cleveland Guardians

In their first year as the Cleveland Guardians, this ball club attacked the offseason by going out and not doing much at all. It was a very underwhelming winter for a team with some good pieces.

Despite having a rather stacked rotation yet again, their starting pitching only helped get them to 80-82 last year. Starting pitching is important yet a single pitch can completely alter a team’s year. The Guardians just don’t have enough firepower to compete with the other three teams ahead of them.

5) AL Central Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals actually made one big signing this offseason, bringing Zack Greinke back home for what might be his final big league contract. This isn’t the Greinke from his first run with the Royals. It’s more of a sentimental move than one that can help them climb out of the baseball basement.

The team probably won’t get a sudden power surge out of Salvador Perez again this year. Still, their lineup looks better than what Cleveland has. However, it’s the unready pitching staff that keeps them at the number five spot. Maybe 2023 is their year once the young arms get a little wetter behind the ears. For now, they have nowhere to go but up.

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