Mets: Pete Alonso reveals near death experience in car accident over weekend

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Star New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso was in a car accident and he said he feels lucky to be alive. 

Some truly scary news has come in on New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso, as he informed reporters on Monday that he was involved in a serious car accident over the weekend. Per Alonso, a driver ran a red light and crashed into him.

Not only that, Alonso’s car flipped over and he had to kick the windshield out in order to get out of his vehicle. Alonso was on his was to spring training when this frightening incident occurred.

Pete Alonso car crash was a scary situation for the star slugger

In total, Alonso said his car flipped ‘probably’ three times. The fact that he was able to walk away from this crash and look like nothing happened to him is remarkable. Alonso himself knows just how lucky he is to not have suffered a serious injury, or potentially something much worse.

“I’m really thankful that I’m healthy,” Alonso said. “I’m very thankful to be here. I’m just super, super blessed to be here.”

From the look on Alonso’s face in the video above, it’s not easy for him to describe what happened. This really could have been much worse for him, but thankfully, he’s lived to be able to explain his side of the story.

Alonso added that the people that were in the other car that hit him were ok as well. There were no head-turning injuries as a result of the crash. Looking forward, Alonso will now look to put this behind him as he gets ready to try and help the Mets get back to the postseason this campaign. Last season, Alonso hit .262 and belted 37 homers.

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