Astros: Lance McCullers lights MLB owners proposal on fire, figuratively

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After MLB owners share a press release shifting blame to the MLBPA for failed negotiations, Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. calls out league ownership.

Perhaps history was once written by the victors, but today, it is being wholly documented by all involved. Still, that hasn’t stopped MLB owners from manipulating the narrative of the MLB lockout as they deflect blame across the negotiating table.

A league spokesman claimed that “the MLBPA has a decidedly different tone today and made proposals inconsistent with the prior discussions.

“We will be making our best offer before the 5 p.m. deadline for the MLBPA that’s a fair deal for players and clubs,” they continued.

Lance McCullers Jr. wasn’t about to let MLB ownership own the narrative. The Astros pitcher described the fact that ownership has caused current issues and continue to lie about them “mind-blowing.”

McCullers recounted how league ownership swiftly walked out of meetings in Dallas, locked players out of the league, refused to negotiate with players for six weeks, and took weeks to respond to MLBPA proposals.

“Clearly don’t care about fans, baseball or the game,” McCullers said of the MLB. “It’s exhausting.”

Astros pitcher Lance McCullers fed up with distorted narrative pushed by MLB ownership

A fed-up McCullers continued to share his perspective with annoyed MLB fans who also shifted the blame onto players.

“Stop asking for completely unreasonable things and maybe they’ll treat you better,” quipped on Twitter user.

“What is unreasonable?” McCullers responded. “Asking for better compensation for our young players that carry the game? Asking for the CBT to grow according to revenue? Trying to protect the young players to come after us?” In this response, McCullers clarified the goals the MLBPA is holding firm to for their desired CBA proposal.

When one Twitter user accused MLB players of not caring about the game either, McCullers referred to this assumption as a “joke.”

“We are asking for nothing but a small bit of fairness, largely for young players and players to come behind us,” McCullers explained. “All we care about is baseball.”

With another failed day of negotiations disheartening many across the league, McCullers too seemed frustrated with the day, deactivating his Twitter account as of 5pm ET on March 1.

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