MLB rumors: Baseball’s worst team interested in Carlos Correa

Baltimore Orioles, MLB Free Agency

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One of the most surprising MLB rumors you’ll see all offseason links free agent Carlos Correa to the worst team in the league.

Cal Ripken Jr. played 2,632 consecutive games for the Baltimore Orioles — many as their shortstop. Based on recent results, it seems as if it may take another 2,632 years for the Orioles to be competitive again. Perhaps the most surprising of all MLB rumors suggest it may only be 2,631 years before they play winning baseball.

Carlos Correa remains the league’s top free agent. When the lockout ends, he’s in line to get the biggest payday of all. MLB rumors have linked him to many of the big market clubs around the league.

According to Raul Ramos of Con Las Bases Full, it’s not just those teams with 2022 World Series aspirations who eyed up Correa prior to the MLB lockout. Ramos reports that baseball’s worst team, the Orioles, showed interest in Correa before the transaction freeze began.

MLB rumors: Orioles have dreams of signing Carlos Correa

It’s not the most outrageous thing for a team so down in the dumps as the Orioles to suddenly decide it’s time to start winning. You can’t rebuild forever. Eventually, you need to buy free agents.

The Orioles 52-110 Orioles from last season did something they have done three times in their last three opportunities: lose 100 games. They didn’t get the four-for-four opportunity in 2020 due to the shortened season. Record of 47-115, 54-108, 25-35, and the most recent 52-110 smear their reputation after several finer years including a 2014 trip to the ALCS.

Until now, MLB rumors haven’t hinted that the Orioles could be a threat to sign a player like Correa. Given the obvious fit for him as a member of the New York Yankees, it would be a nice preseason victory for Baltimore before the year even begins.

That’s if they can pony up the money and actually sign baseball’s best free agent.

A deal with Correa would signify a dramatic change in our expectations for the Orioles in the coming seasons. It likely means rising star Cedric Mullins is staying put. It should also open up the door for them to make some other moves along the way toward steering the boat around.

Many times, it takes one big move like this to motivate a franchise to take the necessary steps toward better results. Correa can help in this department. However, for these MLB rumors to turn into action, the Orioles will need to blow Correa away with the biggest deal possible.

Maybe Chris Davis can chip in a few dollars.

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