MLB lockout: Twitter freaks out after CBA talks last 15 minutes

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The latest round of MLB collective bargaining agreement talks between owners and players lasted just 15 minutes. Yes, you read that correct.

There is no right and wrong party to blame for the lack of movement in MLB CBA talks at this point. While the owners made the decision to lock out the players in the first place, the stubbornness on both sides of this debate makes it all the more excruciating to watch play out live.

As baseball fans, we’re all tired. Spring training is supposed to bring with it hope and inspiration that even the worst of teams can make a run. Maybe, just maybe.

Instead, here we are, wondering if the season will start on time or if there will be a regular season at all.

When does spring training start?

Pitchers and catchers were supposed to report on February 15. Obviously, that has not occurred, although minor-league spring training is in full swing.

Spring training will only start once a new CBA is agreed to. When that happens (if that happens), expect players to report shortly thereafter to get as much work in as possible before Opening Day.

When is Opening Day?

Opening Day was supposed to be March 31. Suddenly, the start of the regular season is in doubt after a 15-minute meeting went haywire on Thursday afternoon.

MLB’s self-imposed deadline to agree to a new CBA in hopes of starting the regular season on time is 11 days from now. Good luck.

Latest MLB-MLBPA meeting sets Twitter ablaze

15 minutes. That’s the amount of time MLB and MLBPA reps could handle sitting in the same room together.

As you can imagine, baseball fans weren’t thrilled. At the next meeting, we might as well lock the door and swallow the key.

This is bad for baseball.

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