New York Yankees may have just hired Aaron Boone’s replacement

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Manager Aaron Boone may have been put on notice by the New York Yankees with their most recent hiring.

There was some thought that Aaron Boone wouldn’t be back with the New York Yankees in 2022. The two sides disguised the situation after the 2021 season was through, ultimately deciding to keep the skipper but make some changes to the coaching staff around him.

Approaching year number five with the Yankees, Boone has an impressive .601 winning percentage in the regular season. However, that’s not what matters to Yankees fans.

The club has only finished atop the division once in those four seasons. In the playoffs, they have an ALCS loss, a pair more in the ALDS, and one more in last year’s ALWC sudden death. Compared to the previous two Yankees managers, Boone is behind.

Joe Torre won the World Series in his first year. Joe Girardi did the same in his second. Although his job is safe for now, the team may have hired his replacement.

Carlos Beltran is back with the Yankees and Aaron Boone’s job feels less safe

Carlos Beltran has a job again! Having been half-heartedly banished from baseball for his alleged role in the 2017 Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, Beltran was hired to become the New York Mets manager in 2020. Only a few months later, buzzers, trash cans, and some whistling speculation forced him into resigning from the gig before he even made his 401K selections.

Beltran’s almost legacy had a stain on it. It was the kind of stain where you’re not quite sure how much peroxide can clean it off the bedsheets. You promise yourself you’ll never eat chocolate ice cream in bed again.

In the time since, Alex Cora and A.J. Hinch are managing again despite their place as coaches on the 2017 Astros. Beltran, forgiven as well, will spend at least the 2022 season as a game analyst for the YES Network.

Jumping from the analyst booth to the field to manage may seem like a big one to make. Normally, you’d think a major league manager would need some seasoning in the minor leagues.

Times have changed. Boone made this jump only a few years ago. Before taking over as manager of the Yankees, he was doing what Beltran will be in 2022.

A fresh three-year contract with a club option for 2025 doesn’t mean much when you can get fired from the deal anyway. I’m sure the Yankees do like Boone and what he brings to the table. This is a Brian Cashman-ran team anyway.

Just about everyone thinks Boone’s time with the Yankees is limited because of the high standards required for the gig. Everyone will also agree Beltran is probably bound to get a manager job again at some point. Connecting the dots, I can’t wait for the conspiracy theories whenever Beltran does say something critical about Boone.

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