Carlos Correa salary floor is bad news for the Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs could be out of the running if Carlos Correa isn’t willing to adjust his salary expectations. With Scott Boras as agent, that feels unlikely.

Boras was hired on Tuesday, and since he’s already publicly flirted with Correa’s former team, the Houston Astros. The Dodgers remain the Dodgers, so they have money to throw around.

The Cubs, meanwhile, are somewhere between rebuilding and retooling. While Correa would be willing to undertake such a challenge on a long-term contract, the Cubs want to trim a few years off his decade-long deal expectations.

That’s…not going to fly, especially with super-agent Boras in the mix. There are very rare circumstances where his clients budge, and this is not one of them.

Carlos Correa rumors: Are Cubs still in the mix?

Until Correa signs elsewhere, the Cubs are in the mix. Let’s start with that basic fact.

Yet, the latest rumors as to the Cubs contract expectations preached a stance of a seven or eight-year deal, rather than 10. Perhaps when Correa was represented by a different agency, that could’ve worked. But not with Boras.

Signing an eight-year deal doesn’t do much for Correa. It keeps him signed into his mid-30’s, rather than his late 30’s. Finding a lucrative contract as a 35-year-old shortstop isn’t easy, either.

This is why Correa wants the long-term deal. He hears all the noise. Shortstops don’t age well into their late 30’s, and can often be moved to third base at that time, thus depreciating their overall value.

Correa wants none of that, and it’s Boras’ job to ensure his client lands the contract of his dreams. Correa is an easy sell, as well. He’s a shortstop shy of 30 who is an elite defender, as well as an All-Star level player at the plate. He might be the best overall player at his position in the bigs right now.

If the Cubs want him to bleed Cubbie blue, they’re going to have to pay for that talent.

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